I’ve been very fortunate to work with many athletes (able-bodied and para) other than those from my assigned core sports at the National Sports Institute of Malaysia. Working in the world of elite sports taught me how to make the best clinical and contextual decision towards the safest and the fastest integrated approach in returning the injured athlete back to peak performance or helping other team members bring about the best in an athlete’s career. 

My passion for keeping athletes and active individuals on top of their health in a holistic way comes from my own struggles as an athlete. I was a semi-professional squash player on the world tour training day in day out for 18 years. After retirement I had more time to reflect on my athletic career, asking questions about my health and what had been affecting my performance and started looking for answers. I tried to apply what I was learning into my new training regime for endurance sports and my new lifestyle. I learnt about the human health at various levels which effect musculoskeletal system, optimal performance and recovery-ironically my first assignment was with the Malaysian national Squash team.

I'm very lucky to be practicing passionately, learning everyday and trying my best to help others to the best of my abilities. As part of this endeavour I decided to resign from the job I loved, move to UK to study Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, to take my practice to a higher level. After graduation I applied for a sports physiotherapy role in Edinburgh's SPACE Clinic where I worked for a year before the clinic’s director had to unfortunately end trade due to the pandemic and restrictive measures. As a clinician I decided to set-up my freelance services across Edinburgh and also online, having seen and done a bit more and a bit different. I take immense pleasure to steer my personal achievements into finding better ways to help others and to make a difference in someone else’s life and career apart from my own. 

Born in Ramsar, grew up in Tehran and in south-east Asia, found love in Scotland and call Edinburgh home. 

Education and Qualifications:

Career Highlights:

  • Principle physiotherapist of the Squash, Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics Malaysian national squads. Working closely in a multi-disciplinary setting with other service team members, particularly with the strength and conditioning coaches.

  • Team Malaysia physiotherapist Commonwealth Games 2018 and South-east Asian Games 2017. 

  • Team physio for Malaysian squash team at the Asian Individual Championships in Chennai, India 2017.

  • Team Malaysia physiotherapist at Women’s World Open Squash Championship in 2016.

  • Physiotherapist for team Malaysia Asian Junior Squash Championships, September 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Physiotherapist at SPACE Clinics Edinburgh, 2020